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Sports mouthguards

Protect what is precious to you!

The mouthguard made to measure for you individually and your type of sport. Available in many colours. Protection of your teeth also at sports – for a radiant winner’s smile! Sports is healthy, keeps you young and fit. The proper equipment for protection such as helmets, knee pads and shin protectors goes without saying for many professional and hobby sportsmen.

However, protection of the teeth is frequently forgotten.

But it is exactly injuries to teeth, the gums and the jawbone that are frequently extremely painful and call for extensive and frequently cost-intensive medical care. For optimum protection of your teeth and of your children’s teeth we offer manufacturing of mouthguards. These mouthguards protect the teeth, the alveolar ridge, the jawbone and the condyloid process. Upon taking your jaw’s impression in the dental practice, each mouthguard is manufactured in accordance with your individual wishes and for your type of sports. Our aim is to manufacture for you a sports mouthguard with perfect and snug fit to offer you best wearing comfort and protection in your sport. The sports mouthguard guards against injuries due to external effect of force and hard contact of the rows of your teeth by cushioning and distributing that effect of force. We offer you information on what option is suited best for you and your type of sport activity. Depending on the type of sport and individual wear and tear a number of varying types of protection are available,

The sports mouthguard is available to you in various colours and patterns. Apart from varying designs in order, for example, to present club colours, each mouthguard may moreover be marked by the sportsman’s name. Hence also ideal for equipping entire clubs - especially if you are active in the Marli, Kaufhof area. We offer you your individual sports mouthguard for carefree sports and spare time activities.

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