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Say yes to prophylaxis – say yes to beautiful teeth

For you to offer the world a healthy and radiant smile, your teeth and gums need to be healthy. We offer you professional teeth cleaning – suited individually to your requirements. Our dental practice relies on an innovative Swiss system. The cleaning is performed by our female dentists in a team with assistants who will provide you with a competent and agreeable procedure. Despite conscientious dental care at home, many tooth surfaces are reached with difficulty. There will always remain residual plaque particularly in the dental interspaces and beneath the gums. Obstinate plaque and discolorations from tea, coffee or smoking can rarely be removed on one’s own. In addition to your oral hygiene at home we therefore offer you professional tooth cleaning.

The aims of the treatment are:

  • Healthy teeth and healthy gums
  • Avoiding caries and parodontitis
  • Removing the causes of halitosis
  • Retaining healthy pink-white aesthetics
  • Increasing your feelings of wellbeing

Professional tooth cleaning

For our thorough and low-pain professional tooth cleaning we rely, amongst other things, on effective sonic instruments as well as powder airflow methods gentle on the tooth. Our dental practice is working with an innovative Swiss system. By means of the powder-air flow device of EMS we remove plaque and tartar in a reliable manner. In the process, the powder-water mixture is sprayed onto the teeth and sucked off again immediately. In this way we offer you a gentle professional cleaning also beneath the gums and especially in poorly accessible interdental spaces.

The cleaning procedure will be followed by thorough polishing and fluoridation of the tooth surfaces.

  • For attractive lustre and a radiant smile
  • Fewer contact surfaces for bacteria
  • Strengthening the tooth enamel and protection from caries


We aim to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy up to your advanced age by regular prophylaxis/biofilm management – all for the purposes of your personal wellbeing. We offer you support also after the treatment for your dental care at home. Our team will demonstrate to you the latest in hygiene articles and oral care products for effective care and coach you in their proper application at home. You will receive moreover relevant tips and information on nutrition retaining the health of your teeth, readily applied by you in your everyday life. If you have any queries regarding dental aesthetics and dental health in Lübeck or if you wish to make a personal appointment, please call 0451-63669 direct.

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