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Treatment of parodontitis

The causes of paradontitis (also called parodontosis) are many, but the disease can be healed. We are here to help you! The main cause of pardontitis is bacteria that have settled at an unhealthy measure in the gum pockets and on the tooth surface. Unless these bacteria are removed at regular intervals by means of professional tooth cleaning this may lead to an inflammation of the periodontal apparatus. This is where parodontitis comes in. Symptoms of this will then be gum inflammations and bleedings and receding gums, impaired and sensitive dental necks up to loosening and loss of teeth.

PA treatment

In the first stage of the parodontal therapy, apart from professional tooth cleaning, dental deep cleaning is performed. The gums are first anaesthetized superficially to guarantee, if possible, a low-pain and gentle time for the patient. In the parodontal therapy tooth and root surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and soft and hard tartar above and below the gums removed. Tartar can form both above and below the gums through plaque and bacterial invasion to form so called concrements. Once these have been removed, the root surface is planed to prevent renewed bacterial flora from developing. Apart from the professional cleaning of teeth and gums our patients receive extensive information and instructions for oral hygiene. The objective is to keep the number of bacteria low. In order that the teeth remain beautiful and healthy, daily brushing of the teeth and the use of flossing and interdental brushes is necessary. Prophylaxis at regular intervals is another important prerequisite for life-long retention of your teeth. By thorough checks and professional tooth cleaning with the cleaning of all sectors of the tooth and the surrounding tissue we will protect your teeth in the best possible way from caries and parodontitis. We shall be pleased to offer you our consultation where we provide you with tips for optimization of your oral and dental care at home and recommend appropriate care products.

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