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Bleaching / Whitening

Lustrous teeth for a radiant smile

Gentle and professional tooth whitening. Step by step towards a radiantly white smile – because white teeth are sexy and engaging. Feel free to contact us! A radiant smile and white teeth stand for good health, vitality and youth. Depending on the type of staining, varying whitening methods exist. Superficial staining, for example from tea, coffee, red wine or nicotine, may be removed by professional tooth cleaning. However, if teeth have a darker appearance, for example caused by advanced age, medicines or after root canal treatments, tooth whitening may be produced by bleaching.

Bleaching at home

This means tooth bleaching made at home. In the process, the teeth will be whitened with the help of an individually produced plastic splint with a bleaching gel. The patient may in this way achieve his or her desired tooth whitening step by step and in the gentle manner. Periodical checks in the dental practice will guarantee the prevention of damage to the teeth. The benefit of this method is that with renewed desire of the patient for whitening the splint may be used again and only new bleaching material must be acquired. For you we are cooperating as dentists on Marli am Kaufhof with the market leader from the USA.

Whitening of teeth after root canal treatment

Tooth whitening is effected from the inside. In the process, the old filling is removed, the tooth is cleaned from the inside, and the upper share of the root filling is removed and sealed. Afterwards a special whitening product is inserted in the tooth, kept there for a number of days, exchanged in the meantime, and the tooth is temporarily sealed. Once the desired degree of whitening has been achieved, the whitening material is removed and the tooth is provided with an aesthetic fillingAre you interested in white teeth? Then please call us for your personal appointment under 0451-63669.

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