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Retention of teeth is our prime goal.
Retain what is precious to you!

We offer:

  • Tooth-coloured solutions, fillings, crowns, bridgework – individually harmonized with your wishes
  • Removal of amalgam and replacement by high-quality alternatives
  • Parodontology and endodontology (root canal treatment)
  • Dentures on implants
  • Tooth ornaments

Tooth retention

Caries is one of the most frequent disorders of mankind. Apart from the aesthetic impairment it may also cause limitation of the chewing function and pain. We offer you aesthetic and modern restorations. For the retention of teeth we rely on all preventive and therapeutic measures that retain or restore the tooth in its form and function. A healthy and natural tooth is always better than an artificial tooth. Tooth retention always starts with the periodical prophylaxis and means filling therapy up to parodontitis treatment. We offer you a minimal invasive defect-oriented treatment with most advanced materials.


To retain your natural pink-white aesthetics we offer you:

  • Tooth-coloured composite fillings
  • Tooth-coloured ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns

We entirely do without fillings made from amalgam and instead offer you a number of up-to-date and durable alternatives. For filling materials we use on request high-quality reinforced ceramic composite fillers. This filler material is available in any desired tooth colour and, in its stability, is very similar to the natural tooth. On request and if so required we can perform material tests for potential intolerances prior to the treatment. We shall be pleased to offer you more information. Unfortunately the health insurance funds do not provide cover for the cost of composite fillings. However, your insurance fund will make a contribution towards costs. We shall inform you on the private share of costs of course before treatment begins.


In the event of extended defects in the side teeth area an inlay made in the laboratory likewise offers a stable solution. Options here are, for example, low-allergy and well-tolerated gold alloys or ceramics. Gold inlays are characterized mainly by their long durability of frequently several decades, good biocompatibility and good workability possibilities. This provides smooth and extremely stable inlays which can be well adjusted to the tooth. Owing to their golden colour they are to be used mainly in the back molar areas. Ceramic inlays offer a highly aesthetic tooth-coloured option for inlays that are almost invisible. Apart from the excellent aesthetic material properties, this material is likewise characterized by tooth-like load-bearing capacity.

Please contact us for more details and we shall be pleased to answer your questions.

Root canal treatment/endodontology

The tooth pulp may become diseased or necrotic owing to a traumatic or bacterial influence such as caries. Tooth retention may be effected by root canal treatment. The objective is to free the tooth interior, the root canals, despite their complicated anatomy and individual morphological characteristics from bacterial invasion permanently. An inflammation of the dental pulp calls for treatment. The infection may otherwise cause painful swelling and advance into the jawbone surrounding the root. A prerequisite for durable success of root canal treatment is the complete preparation and decontamination of all root canals.

We offer:

  • An efficient and quick root canal preparation by special file systems
  • Electrometric length determination of the root canals
  • Root canal decontamination by means of medicinal rinsing solutions and ultrasonic activation


For root canal treatments we rely on state-of-the-art technology! Apart from digital X-ray technology we therefore use an electrometric root canal length measuring instrument of the VDW company. The prognosis of success of treatment is substantially increased by a more precise approach. The exact length of the root canal is determined by exact measurement of the electrical resistance. Conventional X-ray diagnostics supply merely a one-dimensional image on which the end of the canal cannot always be exactly located. The prerequisite for permanent success is knowledge of the exact root canal length. The canal must be completely treated to include the root apex. (Cleaning and filling) After complete preparation, cleaning and disinfecting the bacteria-proof filling of the canals with gutta-percha, thermoplastic filler, is performed. The long-term retention of the tooth calls for the use of building filler, and crowning of the tooth will in most cases be appropriate.

Exclusive tooth ornaments

Healthy and white teeth, but are you interested in moreEmphasize your smile with tooth ornaments. We offer you an exclusive wide choice. Imitation gems or gold motif – find your favourite piece! Make your smile even more expressive and individual. Treatment divides into cleaning of the tooth surface and subsequent adhesive fixing of the requested motif. If you wish for a new ornament or if you wish to remove the old ornament, this is done by gentle removal from the tooth without any problems.

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