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The Dental Office of Christina Martens

Marlistraße 112
23566 Lübeck

Phone: +49 0451 - 6 36 69
Fax: +49 0451 - 6 36 18
E-mail: praxis.martens@t-online.de


Ms. Christina Martens
Marlistraße 112
23566 Lübeck

Phone: +49 0451 - 6 36 69
Fax: +49 0451 - 6 36 18
E-mail: praxis.martens@t-online.de

German license to practice medicine
Member of the Schleswig-Holstein Dentists Association and Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Insurance Physicians 
(For information pursuant to §6 German Teleservices Act, go to www.zahnaerztekammer-sh.de and www.kvsh.de)

Both associations are responsible for legal supervision.

Rules of professional conduct are provided by:
German Dentistry Act
German chamber law for medical professions
German fee schedules for dentists (BEMA / GOZ)
Code of practice for dentists
Healthcare legislation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein

Tax no.: 221-536-0326

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