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Special features/equipment

Your dentist on Marli am Kaufhof

Your family-oriented dental practice

Appointment reminder and call-back

At your request we shall give you a reminder for your appointment by telephone call.

Entertainment for young and old alike

Should, on a rare occasion, a delay occur, we provide you with a large number of topical magazines and media entertainment. For our small patients there is a games and colouring corner waiting. We wish to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. You will find parking places direct behind the health centre. An elevator provides barrier-free access to our dental practice.

Digital X-raying

Gentle diagnostics

We offer you the advanced technology developed further from the conventional analogue systems: state-of-the-art digital low-radiation X-ray technology. By this method, the rays instead of on film fall on an electronic sensor linked with a computer. For you this means a substantially lower radiation load compared with the analogue methods. Direct availability of the radiograms as there is no need for developing time. With the help of image processing programmes most extensive and meaningful information can be gathered and the image processed and saved.

Owing to the digital network in place in our dental practice it is possible to call up in each consulting room the X-ray images immediately upon their having been taken and discuss them with you. Digital X-ray images may be sent by encrypted email to colleagues, if necessary, for clarification of special professional matters or for patient transfer. Digital X-raying is gentler and more environment-oriented than analogue X-raying as no longer any X-ray films and developing chemical agents are required.

Intraoral camera

Get an idea yourself!
Visualizing and recognizing from a new perspective. Look into your mouth as only we can otherwise. By means of our intraoral camera of the size of an electrical toothbrush we can show you your teeth and your mouth in a simpler and more exact manner. Details become thereby visible also for you. The images are projected simultaneously on a screen in the consultation room. We can together evaluate the images and explain and discuss the findings and the planned treatment.

Guided biofilm therapy using AIRFLOW, PIEZON and Ultrasound

Use of powder spray instruments/Piezon and ultrasonic devices in prophylaxis and parodontitis treatment With the conventional, purely mechanical method bacterial tartar and deposits are removed from the sensitive dental necks exclusively with hand instruments, so called curettes and scalers. In order to make the treatment more gentle on the tissue, more efficient but also gentler we rely in this step in the treatment on state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology. In addition, in our dental practice we use powder spray devices. These are employed for removal of superficial tartar and staining. With the help of these auxiliary devices prophylactic tooth cleaning and parodontitis treatment are today much more pleasant than a few years ago. We rely on an innovative Swiss system.

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